Hi there, I am very happy to have You visiting Minty Matter website. My name is Agneta and I am the founder and blogger behind Minty Matter (MM)!

MM Mission is to inspire people, who are looking for more, to find their path. Start acting towards changing things you do not like within and around yourself and to become a person you are proud of. MM covers eco-lifestyle, ethical living and self-development topics and is a safe space to share your ideas about each subject.

Why has Minty Matter started?

I believe there are many of us who feel lost, unable to start living the life we want and sometimes feeling worthless compared to people who we admire. Lack of life experience, self-confidence and a lack of a life adviser who would point us to the right direction can lead us to a very contagious thing—time waste.

The years pass by, leaving nobody the same—we all either progress or regress. There are many ways to progress, plenty of new things you can start learning, challenges you can take and improve your life.

It is also easy to regress. It starts when the growth—mental, emotional and physical—stops. One evening spent watching some funny videos, checking the news, chatting with friends on social media, another one spent searching for the best gift to buy, third—reading gossip on who slept with who. Here you go, your free time is over, a week passed by and you are not getting a promotion, not living the way you want to and not fulfilling your true potential. I feel so guilty for those times! 

I must admit I have too many shallow moments in my life. Even though I consider myself as a person who invests a great deal of time in self-analysis, too often I get caught up in my daily routines, waste time doing worthless stuff or simply procrastinate. I would honestly want to hear a doctor’s explanation on how a human being can be so inconsistent. You know the right behaviour pattern, you know that you should not worry about shallow things as time is too precious, yet still, on a daily basis I encounter the situations where I pay too much attention to useless things. Therefore, I understand that self-development is a crucial part of life and if you want to progress, you should never stop improving.

What does Minty Matter have to offer?

MM is a place, where people who are searching for more can find advice on ethical living, best self-development paths, learn the new techniques on how to get rid of a habit or gain a new desired one and look for more in this life together.

If you are searching for more, let’s go on this journey together,