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    5 things I did to break my social media addiction

    What would your dream workday look like? Mine would go as follows: I come to the office, turn on my computer and one by one start doing the tasks on my to do list, having a clear mind flow and giving 100% percent to what I am doing. As I am highly productive, I finish my to do list 2 hours before the end of my workday and go home early. Sadly I have never experienced such day in my life! I suffer from inability to concentrate, as my mind keeps jumping from one idea to the other and I reckon the level of my productivity is less than 50%.…

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    Setting up my 2019 goals with SMART strategy (updated with results in 2020)

    At the time of writing this post, I was super optimistic regarding the upcoming 2019. Being self-development enthusiast, I really enjoy planning my future, love setting up goals of the year, and exchanging my future ideas with others. For the upcoming 2019, I had set up 50 personal goals which were divided into 4 categories: – Career goals, – Physical appearance goals, – Habits/ self-development/ skills – Life improvement goals. Part of the goals had been on my list for years and some of them were created on the spot. I have to admit, the whole goal set up made me very excited for the upcoming year! “Perfect me” plan…