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5 cheap, cruelty free, low waste personal hygiene swaps for a non-DIY fan

I have been practising low waste lifestyle for a few years now, constantly looking for new ways to live using as little plastic as possible and buying only the items I truly need and love.

One of the main low waste principles is reusing what you already have, so once, inspired by a YouTube video with tips on how to re-purpose old clothes, I decided to recreate my old mini skirt into a medium size make up bag. I spent more than 3 hours cutting pieces and sewing but the final product was not something I would even want to use in public! I realised that even though this is a nice low waste lifestyle idea, my time is too precious for such activities and I will never DIY anything that requires more than 10 minutes of my time. Ever again.

The only sector where I see value in DIY is making your own cosmetics and home cleansing products, as mixing up the product requires only a few minutes. Here I will share some of my favourite fast-to-DIY personal hygiene products.

Cheap low waste personal hygiene products to do-it-yourself at home

1. DIY Toothpaste
I mix baking soda and coconut oil, taking equal portion of each. Some people add a few drops of their favourite essential oil to get a nice smell. This homemade paste is not only package free but is also good for your teeth whitening.

2. Face scrub
Once a week I use this simple self-made face scrub: 1 tablespoon of squeezed lemon juice, mixed with half of tablespoon of sugar. I gently scrub my face with it and wash it off. Comparing with commercial scrubs I used before, it works much better, leaving the skin very soft. Best discovery ever and it’s cheap!

3. Face masks
The cucumber is well known for its moisturizing power to the skin and could be used a face or eyes’ mask. I will tell you this: majority of the fruits and vegetables have the healing benefits for your skin, therefore could be used as a mask. Normally when I have some rotten fruits that are not edible anymore, I search on their healing benefits on internet and if it seems as something my skin needs, I use it up accordingly.

4. Hair masks
Same as with face masks, you can use fruits for your hair masks. But regarding the hair health, the best remedy known for years is a simple onion applied on the roots and left on the hair for an hour or two (depending on your hair type) before showering. The smell could be the negative factor, so you must think of the places you are going to visit before your next hair wash. I normally do those masks prior to the weekend, when I know that I will not be attending any meetings or events.  

5. Lip balm
Organic and easy to make lip balm that I love is very easy to make. What you will need: 3 spoons of cocoa butter (which can also be used to moisturize hands, feet or face) and 1 spoon of olive oil. Mix together, store it to some small container and enjoy he natural product that you are not afraid to swallow by mistake!

For other cosmetic products (shampoo, face cream, eyeliner), I choose cruelty free cosmetics such as Gosh or Essence or Lush. I try to have one item of that category at a time, so I keep my cosmetics collection very narrow and make sure I use everything up before they go out of date!

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